Our Services

Administrative Unit

– Domain creation and registration for .kn domains (Only external public service)

– Human resource administration management

– Financial management

– Equipment management

– Supplies management

– Security management

Telecommunications Services Management Unit

– All government telecommunications devices management (Landlines, mobile handsets, internet modems)

– Distribution of landlines, mobile handsets, and internet modems

– Fault or Complaints management for devices

– Account management for devices (increase or decrease service plans)

– Forecasting for government telephone expenditures

– Bill payment for all devices accounts

E-Government Unit

– Requirement gathering

– Process design and re-engineering

– Web development

– Software design and development

– Software vendor management (outsourced software companies)

– Email Management

– Mobile application development

– Project management

– Cloud computing and hosting services

– Government domain creation and registration

– DNS routing and management

– Cybersecurity

– Consultancy / advise on procurement of software applications

Technical Unit

– All government physical ICT hardware management (cables, desktop PCs, laptops, printers etc)

– Troubleshooting technical problems

– Telephone installation and configuration

– Server installation and configuration

– Diagnostics and performance review

– Network configuration

– Network topology and definitions

– Hardware repairs and replacement

– Cable (wire) management

Innovation and Training Unit

– Robotics projects

– Artificial intelligence projects

– Internet of Things (IoT) projects

– Training on different ICT topics

– Government wide training facilitation

– Remote and on-site meetings facilitation

– Creative space and innovation hub

– Events management

Ministry of Entertainment, Entrepreneurship & Talent Development

– Legislation reviews on contracts

– Advice and assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs

– Procedural management for entrepreneurs

– Creative and Arts Industry management