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Unit Objectives

The main objective of the Administration Unit within the Department of Technology is to provide essential administrative support to ensure the smooth functioning of the operations of the department. This Unit is also responsible for optimizing administrative processes, improving efficiency, and effectively assisting the department in reaching its goals and objectives. 

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What We Do

These services play a crucial role in supporting the overall functioning of the Technology department and facilitating the organization’s technological initiatives.

Asset Management
Tracking and managing the organization's technology assets including hardware, software licenses, and other IT equipment. This involves inventory management, maintenance schedules, and ensuring compliance with statutory rules and regulations.
Procurement and Vendor Management
Handling the procurement process for purchases, including sourcing vendors, negotiating contracts, and managing vendor relationships. This involves ensuring that the organization receives the best value for its technology investments.
Budgeting and Financial Management
Planning and managing the budget for the Technology department, including forecasting expenses, tracking spending, and allocating resources effectively to support the organization's technological needs.

Documentation and Record-Keeping
Maintaining documentation related to technology systems, processes, and procedures. This includes creating user manuals, system documentation, and keeping records of IT assets, configurations, and changes for future reference.
Policy Development and Compliance
Developing and enforcing IT policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards. This may include data security policies, acceptable use policies, and disaster recovery plans.

Administrative Support
Providing administrative support to the Technology department, such as scheduling meetings, coordinating events, managing correspondence, and handling other day-to-day administrative tasks to ensure efficient operations.