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Who We Are

The Telephone Services Management Unit, TSMU, was originally commissioned to develop, implement, and manage the telecommunications infrastructure of the Government of St. Kitts in a manner that allows for the provision of economical, effective, and efficient telecommunications services. This was done to prevent duplication of services and avoid wastage of resources through centralized management.

The main objective of the Telephone Services Management Unit is to continuously implement, adapt to and manage the Government's telecommunication system to always have enabled cutting-edge technology that affords efficient communications and support the Government’s Digital transformation Strategic Goals.

Additionally, the Unit will provide all Government Ministries Department/Agencies (MDAs) with the best possible modern, cost-effective telecommunications services by consistently satisfying their realistic expectations within budgetary limits.

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We Offer a Wide
Variety of IT Services


Handles all incoming switchboard calls and provides customers with Governmental contact information.


Management of all telephone, mobile, internet, and fibre services and provides advice.


Receives and logs faults, prepares and audits telephone invoices, and ensures carriers are paid on time.


Installs and maintains authorized telephone units, distributes handsets and monitors all phone services.

Contact the Unit

For Requests or to Report Issues:
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