Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization Appoints Ms. Cheryleann Pemberton to Executive Committee

*London, 25 May 2024* — The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO) last Friday announced the appointment of Mrs. Cheryleann Pemberton, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Communications, Technology and Posts in the Government of St Kitts and Nevis, to the CTO Executive Committee. This marks a historic milestone as it is the first time a representative from St Kitts and Nevis has been appointed to the Executive Committee. The move reflects the country’s growing influence and active participation in the digital technology sphere.

As Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of ICT and Posts, she has been instrumental in driving key initiatives that have significantly advanced the digital agenda in St Kitts and Nevis. Her appointment to the CTO Executive Committee underscores the critical role she will play in shaping the future of ICT development across the Commonwealth.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mrs. Cheryleann Pemberton to the Executive Council,” said Ms. Bernadette Lewis, Secretary-General of the CTO. “Her expertise and leadership will be invaluable as we continue to advance our mission of promoting ICT development and digital transformation across our member states.”

Mrs. Pemberton expressed her enthusiasm about joining the Executive Committee: “I am honored to be appointed to the CTO Executive Committee. This is a significant opportunity to contribute to the collective efforts of the Commonwealth in leveraging technology for socio-economic development. I look forward to working with my fellow committee members to drive impactful change and innovation.”

Her appointment was announced during the successful 2024 Digital Week in London. The event brought together industry leaders, policymakers, and technology experts from across the Commonwealth.

The CTO Executive Committee plays a crucial role in guiding the organization’s strategic direction and ensuring that the needs and priorities of member states are addressed. With Mrs. Pemberton’s addition, the Council is further strengthened in its capacity to drive its digital transformation agenda.

The Executive Committee comprises 7 members and the CTO Secretary General

The functions of the Executive Committee include:

a) make recommendations to the Council concerning the CTO’s strategies and policies;

b) consider the draft Budget, Annual Report and strategic plan before submission to the Council;

c) provide guidance to the Secretary General on the development and management of programme activities, the development of work with ICT Sector Members, Academia Members, other partners and on any other matters where it considers such guidance may be useful;

d) conduct, on behalf of the Council, the process to select a candidate for appointment as the Secretary General and recommend to Council a candidate for appointment as Secretary General, as and when required;

e) consider and, if deemed appropriate to recommend to Council, any proposals for the CTO to become an investor in a venture or to use the name of the CTO or any part thereof for another venture, which may create a significant obligation on the CTO;

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The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO) is the oldest and largest Commonwealth organization engaged in multilateral collaboration in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The CTO supports its members in leveraging ICTs for socio-economic development through research, capacity building, and policy advocacy.


Janelle Mason